BootstrapCDN Now Serving Bootstrap RC2
Posted in: CDN   -   August 14, 2013

I would usually post this on the NetDNA blog but since it is Speed Awareness Month it just feels better here. =)

Here are the latest files for you guys/gals to battle test:


Justin (@jdorfman) is a Developer Advocate for MaxCDN. He maintains which serves all objects (css, js & images) for free.

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  • Chris Ueland / MaxCDN

    woot woot.

  • trumbitta

    Justin, you guys are the best 🙂

    • jdorfman


  • forethinker

    Hey thanks, but that special effect gets in the way of copying the code.

    • jdorfman

      Hey @384168583d458ee61c57b2a18b116f7a:disqus here you go:

    • jdorfman

      and removed the effect, good call.

  • jelly

    Are you planning to include respond.js as well?

    • jdorfman

      @e71df4b489e3ec527608034ed74d0f1f:disqus Not sure. Thought about it. If it becomes a popular request then yes.

  • j

    Thanks for this, but holy crap man it’s hard to copy that code. Here’s the links for anyone else that was having the problems I was:




  • Evan

    Modal dismission via data attributes at least appears to have been broken in RC2. I can confirm this by switching to rc1.
    The first modal close works correctly. After another modal appears it no longer works. Clicking outside of the modal still functions correctly however.