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Your Stripe Integration is Costing You Money
Posted in: CDN, Ecommerce, Speed Up Tips   -   August 15, 2013

Setting up a basic Rails application to sell things using Stripe is generally straight forward. Getting the best performance out of your application, and the best conversion rates, can be tricky. Specifically, by using the standard integration instructions your application can be slow which can cost conversions. In this post I’m going to go over […]

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What it takes to be fast in your industry
Posted in: Ecommerce   -   September 11, 2012
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The holy grail of Web performance seems to be load times of two seconds or less. At the same time I hear people saying that the specific purpose of their Web site requires more and heavier content and consequently leads to higher load times. “I am running a media site, I need more images and […]

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Don’t Cry Wolf – Know your Performance Contexts
Posted in: Ecommerce   -   August 22, 2012

I recently worked on a project with a performance testing team who reported that the average response times for a critical transaction had grown to just over a 3-second page complete time using a transport-level load testing tool. The team immediately got into a huddle to consider whether we could give a GO or NO-GO […]

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Slow Websites cost the US Ecommerce Market $504 Billion in 2011
Posted in: Ecommerce   -   August 10, 2012

Most ecommerce companies are well-versed in the first lesson in web performance: nobody likes a slow website; faster is always better. Many ecommerce companies are probably even familiar with data revealing the impact a slow site can have on sales, bounce rates, average page views, and other critical web KPIs. However, even more significant to […]

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