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Moving past page load time
Posted in: Community, Monitoring, Performance Testing, Real User Measurement   -   September 11, 2013

Thinking past Page Load Time In the past, the performance of a website was measured by checking how long it took for an event called ‘window.onload’ to trigger, this measurement was dubbed the “Page Load Time” (PLT) of a website. Five to ten years ago, this was a very good indicator, but websites have evolved […]

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The non-blocking script loader pattern
Posted in: Real User Measurement, Speed Up Tips   -   August 12, 2013
[An older version of this post appeared on the Performance Calendar] Motivation At SOASTA, our mPulse product measures the performance of a website from the end user’s perspective. We do this with the boomerang JavaScript library. Naturally, it’s very important that loading this JavaScript not affect the load time of the hosting page. This post […]Read More »
Analyzing performance data
Posted in: Real User Measurement   -   August 13, 2012
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At LogNormal, we’re all about collecting and making sense of real user performance data. We collect over a billion data points a month, and there’s a lot you can tell about the web and your users if you know how to look at this data. In this post, I’d like to go over some of […]

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How To Sample Data Like a Pro
Posted in: Real User Measurement   -   August 8, 2012

Let’s say you have a large computer system and you want to measure it for performance or efficiency. You want metrics. You want pretty pictures that tell you what’s going on. You start looking at graphing libraries and databases. I think this is exactly backward. You have to start with measurement. It’s shockingly easy to […]

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