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Posted in: Speed Up Tips   -   August 21, 2012

Joomla!® is in the top three CMS solutions in the world. The ultimate power of Joomla lies in the many available extensions. If you need a certain feature that Joomla does not have by default, there is a huge chance that one of the 10,000+ extensions will provide you with the solution.

Need a commenting system? There are extensions for that. Want professional SEO functionality? Plenty of extensions for that too. Need a fancy poll? Want a forum? Should your site be a community portal? All are possible with the help of extensions.

With this month being Speed Awareness Month, let’s optimize Joomla for speed, as piling on extensions will slow even the best CMS down; there is nothing holding you back to install tens or hundreds of extensions. And before you know it, you will find yourself in the middle of an “extension frenzy” disabled extensions like you never installed them. And with every extra feature you add to Joomla, you will likely require extra server power and processing time. In other words, Joomla sites packed with extensions tend to slow down. People leave your site because it has become so slow.

Luckily, there are some excellent solutions for this problem. Here are some techniques that will make sure Joomla is running at its full potential.


Components & Modules

It is great to play around with all the functionality components and modules can offer you, especially with modules added nearly any feature you desire to your website. But keep in mind the more you add, the more power Joomla will need to chug through to display your dynamic site. Less in performance and efficiency of not only your page loads, but also of the user experience and revenue!

So try to only use the extensions you really need. And uninstall everything you don’t use. Don’t just disable them, uninstall them! If you can find one extension that offers multiple features in one, that would be more efficient as well!


Plugins: friend or foe?

Plugins are great to add all sorts of fancy goodness to your site. They are loaded and executed at different stages of the page rendering process. In most cases, it will be hard to track what plugin controls what; and there lies the danger!

When your website has a lot of plugins installed, they will slow down your site. Especially if these third party plugins are not developed efficiently. Unfortunately – unless you are a programmer – you have no real way of telling if extensions are coded well.

So plugins are your friends and can turn your site into something fantastic. But if you are not careful with them, they can group up and become your foe by slowing your site down.


Template madness

There are hundreds of thousands of Joomla templates out there. Varying from very simple to extremely extensive ones. But also from very well to very poorly programmed ones.

Be careful in choosing your template. With more functionality also comes more server load.

Also many templates are packed with images. Especially if these images are not optimized, this will have a drastic effect on your page load speed. But luckily you can fix that yourself!


Out-of-date and out-of-touch

Technology never stops. And neither does the development and improvement of Joomla and its extensions.

Make sure you keep up-to-date with the latest releases of Joomla. Keep track of new versions of the extensions you use.

Also make your host use the latest versions of PHP and MySQL. And that the server is setup correctly and is maintained.

Staying up-to-date will not only help you in keeping your website up to speed, but also it will protect you from known security issues.


Database: time to clean up!

MySQL databases are normally very efficient. But sometimes databases can gather junk and even become corrupted. This can slow down your site and even make it unreachable.

There are fortunately ways to fix this, or better yet, prevent it. You simply have to ‘repair’ your database tables.

Most hosting providers will offer you access to your database(s) via phpMyAdmin, a mysql web interface. There you can select your database tables and tell it to repair them.

There is a great Joomla extension that will help you do this right from your Joomla administrator: Admin Tools. It will also provide you with other great tools to keep your website nice and clean.

If you want to be really geeky, you can also set up a cronjob script to repair your database regularly.


Cache: use it!

Joomla has a built in content caching system. This will take all dynamic content, cache it, and deliver the cached content to your unregistered viewers.

Caching will prevent your components, modules and plugins to have to do the same thing on every page load. This will reduce server load significantly.


Content Delivery Networks (CDN): take load off your server!

A lot of your server power and page load time is taken up by loading the different images, stylesheets, scripts and other files your website requires. A CDN will take that load of your own server and offer these files from a different server close to the visitor. The page load speed will improve dramatically because there are multiple servers serving the necessary files simultaneously.

There is an excellent Joomla plugin called CDN for Joomla!, created by me, Peter van Westen (NoNumber). You have a variety of options on how to use this CDN extension. And best of all, CDN for Joomla! is free to use!

There’s some of our tips on how to speed up Joomla! Do you have any more tips on how to speed up Joomla, leave them in the comments below!

Peter (@NoNumber_nl) is the owner of NoNumber, one of the leading Joomla! extension providers. Because Peter is the owner he can give himself posh useless titles, like: Director, President, Lead Developer, General Manager, CEO, CMO, CPO, C-3P0 and 'The Man'. Peter earns a living from the sales, meaning he can fully focus on the development and support of the Joomla! extensions. NoNumber also created the extension CDN for Joomla!

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    Has anyone every used Quickcache ( I’m trying to check this program out to see if it can help boost the speed of my Joomla site.

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