#SAM2013 is coming up…
Posted in: Community   -   July 17, 2013

tl;dr Last year rocked, we are looking for contributors (sign up here), Official Hashtag: #SAM2013

Last year’s Speed Awareness Month (SAM) was a big success with dozens of authors and sponsors making contributions to improve the web for everyone.

In total, 70 articles were published (full of tips and information on how to optimize your website), and many months of free and discounted services were given away. This was a unique chance for everyone to learn from the best in the industry; the information will be accessible forever, so go read the entries now. Our goal is to offer web professionals the best techniques on how to optimize performance for their readers and customers.

It’s 2013 now, and Speed Awareness Month is coming back. We have plans for more content, more authors, more information, and yes, more speed. Here are the themes for our contributions:

  • Raise awareness about why web performance is critical for readers and customers
  • Explain how website speed improves your sales
  • Teach the latest techniques for front-end HTML/CSS/JS optimization
  • Dive into back-end geekery, optimizing Apache, Nginx, Mysql and friends
  • Share the best approaches to image optimization
  • Cache mania: what to cache, when to cache it, and how to set it up
  • Design scalable systems to handle high loads
  • Show how CDNs can help distribute load, and how to set them up
  • Overview the newest technologies that impact web performance

And that’s just the start. We’re looking for authors: if you know your way around web performance, submit an application to contribute. As a reminder, articles are welcome from everyone, whether you’re an individual blogger, another hosting/CDN/service provider, or developer evangelist.

The goal is to bring together the best site performance content from around the web. And of course, authors maintain ownership over their contributions, and will have a bio posted after each article (see last year’s entries).

If your company would like to sponsor a product giveaway/discount, contact marketing@netdna.com. Official partners will have their hyperlinked logo listed on the sidebar that accompanies every published article.

We’re looking forward to improving the web this August!

Official Hashtag: #SAM2013

Justin (@jdorfman) is a Developer Advocate for MaxCDN. He maintains BootstrapCDN.com which serves all objects (css, js & images) for free.