#SAM2013 Round Up
Posted in: Community   -   September 3, 2013

This year’s Speed Awareness Month was amazing.  Compared to last year, we saw the following metrics increase:
  • 91.01% Unique Visitors
  • 70.81% Visits
  • 41.63% Pageviews
  • 10.75% New Visits

What this says is that Web Performance Optimization awareness is growing at a healthy rate.  As the years go on and connection speeds increase, Web Apps/Sites become richer and heavier to help mimic native applications. Many Jr. Developers are still unaware that they might be violating some important rules; it isn’t their fault, we just need to keep advocating harder each hour, day, month & year. Hopefully one day WPO will be just as important as SEO.  The tools/services that this industry is building keep getting better every day, so it looks like we are well on our way to that dream.

What I found really interesting this year was all the talk about Mobile Web Performance.  In 2012 we didn’t even have a Mobile category.  This year not only did we have the category, but four out of the 25 articles published this year focused strictly on Mobile Performance.  It doesn’t stop there, when comparing analytics in 2012 vs 2013, you will see in the infographic below that “Tablet” devices slightly dropped (-0.42%), while Mobile Devices grew by 2.47%:


Data via Google Analytics

I wouldn’t be surprised to see mobile devices near the 20% range this time, next year. That said, we are far from a full blown Post-PC Era since desktops dominated the stats with 83.82%, a 16.74% increase from last year.

Another thing I found interesting was the Social Network Referrals.  In 2012 inbound traffic coming from Reddit was 0.00%.  This year Reddit was right behind Facebook with a 9.92% referral rate.  If you evangelize Web Perf then you should submit your links to the /r/webdev subreddit to help spread the word.  Last but not least, I want to give a huge thank you to all of our contributors this year.  You are truly Helping make the Web Faster.




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