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About Engulf, an Ergonomic, Distributed Load Tester
Posted in: Performance Testing   -   August 14, 2013

To an engineer, a bad workflow is a problem to be solved with technology. That’s what was in my head a couple years ago after jotting down a bunch of performance numbers from apache bench and httperf runs in a google docs spreadsheet. The workflow of crunching performance numbers can be arduous and error prone […]

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Benchmarking with HTTPerf.js and NodeUnit
Posted in: Performance Testing   -   August 7, 2013
I covered this in the HTTPerf.js docs a bit, but wanted to take a deeper look at how I use HTTPerf.js and NodeUnit to benchmark web applications. Note on benchmarking. I’ve gone back and forth on using median and 85th percentile when benchmarking. I look at 85th percentile when running load tests and performance tests […]Read More »