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Breaking Performance Silos
Posted in: Monitoring, Performance Testing, Speed Up Tips   -   August 30, 2013

It is amazing that, while performance is the result of every aspect of the system, performance as a discipline consists of multiple silos and different groups of performance-related specialists have very limited communication between themselves. You hardly find any book or community covering performance end-to-end. Performance-related responsibilities are usually spread across several groups and rarely […]

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Talking the talk of web performance
Posted in: Community, Monitoring   -   August 28, 2013

Working in the performance industry you’re surrounded by many technical terms. Of course, we need to have many terms and phrases to be able to communicate about specifics. There’s no doubt that much of what we deal with on a daily basis can be very complex, so we need to be careful with how we […]

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10-Seconds to Performance Glory: or How to Beat Steve Souders in a Foot Race at Velocity-Ignite 2014
Posted in: Monitoring, Performance Testing   -   August 9, 2013

Could you beat Steve Souders in a foot race? To find out, the first thing you might do is watch 10-seconds from his talk The Illusion of Speed, at Velocity-Ignite 2013. Which 10-seconds? Start at the 7-second mark and watch until the 17-second mark. Reason? The running performance data that is the most useful is […]

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CDNperf – Understand How CDNs Perform
Posted in: CDN, Monitoring, Performance Testing   -   August 8, 2013

As you might well know, there are quite a few free JavaScript CDNs out there. The problem is, it can be difficult to understand how they perform relative to each other. This is something we managed to solve by developing CDNperf. In this post I’ll go through the brief history of the project to help […]

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When 80/20 Becomes 20/80
Posted in: Monitoring, Performance Testing   -   August 2, 2013
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You’ve probably heard the 80/20 Rule of web performance: typically, 80% of page load time is on the front-end, and only 20% on the back-end. While that’s generally true, there are some important things to watch out for. Caveats to the 80/20 Rule The 80/20 Rule is supported by data gathered mainly from the home […]

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