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Lessons From Optimizing the MindTouch Web Platform
Posted in: Monitoring   -   August 23, 2013

Here at MindTouch we’re focused on creating the ideal software help SaaS. Like any service, speed is a major factor in user satisfaction: How quickly are pages loading? Is every action, from searching to rating pages, happening smoothly? As background, the MindTouch help platform is built on several layers: Backend API: Our RESTful API handles […]

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Site Speed Can Significantly Impact SEO
Posted in: CDN, Getting Started, Performance Testing   -   August 19, 2013
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It’s common knowledge that the faster a website loads, the happier its users will be. That happiness manifests itself as more time spent on our pages and more revenue, so keeping page load-times down is definitely in our best interest. Google and Bing also take keeping their users happy very seriously. For the search engine […]

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