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#SAM2013 Round Up
Posted in: Community   -   September 3, 2013
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This year’s Speed Awareness Month was amazing.  Compared to last year, we saw the following metrics increase: 91.01% Unique Visitors 70.81% Visits 41.63% Pageviews 10.75% New Visits What this says is that Web Performance Optimization awareness is growing at a healthy rate.  As the years go on and connection speeds increase, Web Apps/Sites become richer […]Read More »
Breaking Down Why Page Speed Matters
Posted in: Getting Started   -   August 13, 2013

This guest post is by Austin Gunter from WP Engine, the premium managed WordPress hosting platform that specializes in delivering the fastest WordPress speeds possible. Austin Gunter is a writer and a blogger. Have you ever wondered just how fast your site actually needs to be to be in order to deliver the right level […]

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10-Seconds to Performance Glory: or How to Beat Steve Souders in a Foot Race at Velocity-Ignite 2014
Posted in: Monitoring, Performance Testing   -   August 9, 2013

Could you beat Steve Souders in a foot race? To find out, the first thing you might do is watch 10-seconds from his talk The Illusion of Speed, at Velocity-Ignite 2013. Which 10-seconds? Start at the 7-second mark and watch until the 17-second mark. Reason? The running performance data that is the most useful is […]

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When 80/20 Becomes 20/80
Posted in: Monitoring, Performance Testing   -   August 2, 2013
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You’ve probably heard the 80/20 Rule of web performance: typically, 80% of page load time is on the front-end, and only 20% on the back-end. While that’s generally true, there are some important things to watch out for. Caveats to the 80/20 Rule The 80/20 Rule is supported by data gathered mainly from the home […]

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